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DePuy Synthes, part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, provides one of the most comprehensive orthopaedics portfolios in the world. DePuy Synthes solutions, in specialties including joint reconstruction, trauma, craniomaxillofacial, spinal surgery and sports medicine, are designed to advance patient care while delivering clinical and economic value to health care systems worldwide.

Exhibition:  56-61

Siemens Healthineers enables healthcare providers worldwide to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, improving patient experience and digitalizing healthcare. A leader in medical technology, Siemens Healthineers is constantly innovating its portfolio of products and services in its core areas of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging and in laboratory diagnostics and molecular medicine. Siemens Healthineers is also actively developing its digital health services and enterprise services. 

Exhibition:  38-43

Making healthcare better is our priority, and we believe medical technology can play an even greater role in improving people’s lives. With challenges facing families and healthcare systems — such as rising costs, aging populations, and the burden of chronic disease — we are using the power of technology to take healthcare Further, Together. Innovation and collaboration are central to who we are. Since the late 1940s, we have been working with others to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. Today, we are a medical technology leader, employing more than 84,000 people worldwide, and offering therapies and solutions that enable greater efficiency, access, and value — for healthcare systems, providers, and the people they serve.

Exhibition:  62, 64, 66

Platinum Sponsors

NuVasive is transforming spine surgery and beyond with minimally invasive, procedurally-integrated solutions designed to deliver reproducible and clinically-proven surgical outcomes. The Company’s portfolio includes access instruments, implantable hardware, biologics, software systems for surgical planning, navigation and imaging solutions, magnetically adjustable implant systems for spine and orthopedics, and intraoperative monitoring service offerings.

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Carl Zeiss Meditec AG offers a comprehensive line of surgical microscopes and loupes that uncompromisingly enhance visualization during spine surgery. ZEISS supports spine surgeons in seeing more, in effectively managing complex conditions, generating enhanced outcomes and improving patient lives. ZEISS medical loupes provide specialists with high-contrast images at a wide range of magnification levels for detail recognition and differentiation. Surgical microscopes for spine surgery, including the new TIVATO® 700* and KINEVO® 900 from ZEISS, ensure optical precision, flexibility, fast OR setup and ease of use for both surgeon and assistant.

* Only for sale in selected countries. The shown contents may differ from the current status of approval of the product or service offering in your country.

Exhibition:  74-77

joimax® is the leading developer and marketer of complete systems for endoscopic minimally invasive spinal surgery. With TESSYS® (transforaminal), iLESSYS® (interlaminar) and CESSYS® (cervical) for decompression procedures, MultiZYTE® Facet (e.g. for treatment of facet joints) and MultiZYTE® Sacroiliac (for treatment of Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome) or with EndoLIF® and Percusys® for minimally-invasive endoscopic assisted stabilizations, proven endoscopic systems are provided that, together, cover a variety of indications.

Exhibition:  20 & 22

RIWOspine has been pioneering endoscopic spine surgery over the last 20 years which makes the company one of the most experienced partners and a global leader for full-endoscopic spine surgery and interventional percutaneous pain therapy.

RIWOspine’s standardized techniques are based on clinical validation and in-house development of all innovative products and instruments to make surgical procedures safe and successful.

Our new generation of medical devices are designed to fulfil the highest requirements in the OR and to make each full-endoscopic surgery more convenient.

Exhibition:  16 & 18


7D Surgical develops advanced optical technologies and machine vision-based registration algorithms to improve surgical workflow and patient care.  7D Surgical’s Machine-vision Image Guidance System (MvIGS) delivers profound improvement to workflows in cranial and spine surgery, providing the promise of future advancements in other surgical specialties.

Exhibition:  52


Anchor Orthopedics XT Inc. developed the AnchorKnot® Tissue Approximation Kit to augment the existing standard of care in herniated disc repair procedures. A true minimally invasive discectomy procedure extends beyond surgical access and allows for native tissue conservation where it may benefit the patient. Anchor Orthopedics XT Inc. is a subsidiary of Baylis Medical Company and is a Canadian medical device developer and manufacturer located in Mississauga, Ontario. 

Exhibition:  67

Artery Studios specializes in the creation of medical animations and illustrations for the purpose of advancing medicine. Our eye-catching visuals are used to train health care professionals, educate patient populations, and promote existing and developing products. Whatever your communication goal, bring your message to life with a medical animation from Artery Studios.

Exhibition:  3

Augmedics’ xvision® - See Through Surgery®

Augmedics introduces the xvision® An Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation System which allows surgeons to see the patient’s anatomy and navigate instruments and implants into the patient’s body through skin and tissue, as if they had “X-Ray Vision”. With xvision, surgeons get view the navigation data while looking straight at their patients without averting their eyes to a remote screen, which may lead to safer, easier and better outcome surgeries.

Exhibition:  1 & 2

AxioMed was founded to advance the standard of care for patients with degenerative spine conditions by progressing spine technology beyond fusion and first-generation artificial discs. Led by an experienced surgeon team and utilizing patented viscoelastic polymer technology, AxioMed has developed the next generation of artificial discs.

Exhibition:  68

BAUI Biotech Co. Ltd., the No.1 spinal implants manufacture and best seller in Taiwan, starts to supply the implants in the brand since September 2009. We offer the most state of the art and the safest products for surgeons and the maximum benefits for patients. The main products include NOVA MIS, expandable cage, Z-brace dynamic intervertebral fusion device, Awesome dynamic rod, posterior cervical fixation system, anterior plate system, lumbar fixation system, cervical cage, PLIF, and TLIF. Our major businesses are selling BAUI spinal implants and instruments and providing OEM/ODM services as well.

Exhibition:  86

Focusing on innovation, research and development

The world’s first spinal implant case was carried out in 1984, and the following year BIOMECH Paonan was established. The company’s founder Benny Yeh has more than 30 years’ experience in designing and marketing spinal devices, and participated in more than 200 patent applications. BIOMECH Paonan is always in the trend with the spinal device technology. Our spinal products include FUSION and NON-FUSION treatment. We fulfill clinical unmet needs by designing delicate devices which are easy to use. BIOMECH® Paonan’s R&D team collaborate with international medical advisors to provide the best quality products and services. 

Exhibition:  92


Camber Spine is dedicated to creating surgeon designed solutions in MIS and minimally disruptive access for the treatment of complex spinal pathology. Incorporating state-of-the-art manufacturing, 3-D printing, and an acute sensitivity to patient anatomy, Camber Spine is making quantum leaps in the spinal fusion market. Camber has eighteen 510(k) clearances and over twenty-six active or issued patents including two highly innovative and IP protected device platforms that support faster spinal fusion and recovery - ENZA®(MIS integrated Interbody) spinal fusion implants and SPIRA® OA (Open Architecture 3D printed) spinal fusion and orthopedic implants. Camber Spine is an ISO 13485 certified medical device manufacturer.

Conveniently located in King of Prussia, just outside of Philadelphia, Camber Spine has invested in a state-of-the-art headquarters including an on-site cadaver lab. Surgeons are regular visitors for design team collaboration and hands-on experimentation with new product iterations. The talent of our close-knit team coupled with these in-house capabilities and the dedication of our surgeon team allows us to be nimble, outpacing the competition in bringing innovative products to the market.

Camber Spine aspires to be the leading innovator in spine & medical technologies by building a portfolio of the highest quality and safe implants while advancing technology and treatment options to create better patient outcomes.

Exhibition:  99


Centinel Spine®, LLC is the largest privately-held spine company focused on anterior column reconstruction. The company offers a continuum of trusted, brand-name motion-preserving and fusion solutions backed by over 30 years of clinical success—providing the most robust and clinically-proven Total Disc Replacement and Integrated Interbody™ portfolios in the world.

Exhibition:  50 & 51


Cerapedics is an orthobiologics company focused on developing and commercializing novel bone grafts that enhance and accelerate bone growth in a variety of orthopedic procedures. The company has developed a technology platform based on a biomimetic small peptide, P-15, which has a novel mechanism of action designed to support safer and more predictable bone formation compared to other commercially available growth factors. i-FACTOR™ Bone Graft is the company's lead product.

Exhibition:  70 & 72

The Cervical Spine Research Society is a multidisciplinary organization primarily made up of orthopaedic and neurosurgeons that provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and promotes clinical and basic science research of the cervical spine. The organization values collegial interaction and strong scientific principles.

Join us in New York, Nov 20-23 for the 47th Annual Meeting and 24th Instructional Course. The 2019 meetings are intended for practicing physicians, residents, fellows and allied health who have an interest in cervical spine disorders.

Exhibition:  114

The Congress of Neurological Surgeons is the leader in education and innovation, dedicated to advancing neurosurgery. We practice this by inspiring and facilitating scientific discovery and its translation to clinical practice for our members. The CNS provides members with the educational and career development opportunities they need to become leaders and innovators in the field. Neurosurgery, the official journal of the CNS brings readers the very latest science, technology, and medicine in the subspecialty. Operative Neurosurgery features technical material that highlights operative procedures, anatomy, instrumentation, devices, and technology.

Exhibition:  115

Cuattro is a world leader in digital radiography system design, installation, and support. Cuattro’s innovative digital radiography platforms include both full room and retrofit solutions for orthopedic, hospital, urgent care, and family practice applications. Cuattro is pleased to announce the release of the new Cuattro ONE (pending FDA clearance) a long format, 17" X 51" Digital Detector. The Cuattro ONE is designed to facilitate long format spinal and full leg length procedures with unprecedented speed and simplicity. ONE exposure, ONE image, in under ONE minute.

Exhibition:  112

DG Medical Animations delivers high-end 3D medical animations at a fair price. Primarily used for marketing medical devices and for surgical training or patient education, as well as for legal cases, our animations are added to websites, embedded in sales PowerPoints and used to power displays at trade show booths.

We focus primarily on spine and orthopedics.

Exhibition:  98

DIROS Technology Inc. is the designer, manufacturer, & distributor of the world renowned DIROS OWL® Radiofrequency (RF) Products.

At our booth you will find a unique combination of products that together have the longest experience and continued success in the RF Pain Management market. With the most innovative OWL® URF-3AP Lesion Generator + MLA-4 with patent pending Quadrapolar™ technology, RF probes, Trident™ RF Cannulae, RF Cannulae, and GD-pads - all of your RF needs are met here. The OWL® RF Products are the safest, most reliable, most accurate, and easiest to use in the world. Looking forward to seeing you at our booth!

Exhibition:  82


elliquence, LLC manufactures patented Radiowave technology with innovative devices for orthopedic, neurosurgery, and pain management applications. Surgi-Max® Plus permits precision tissue preservation, non-adherent bipolar effects and surgical versatility. Disc-FX® Discectomy System, Trigger-Flex® steerable bipolar handpiece and a full line of endoscopic spine instruments are examples of the surgical accessories offered for use with the Surgi-Max Plus energy source. elliquence focuses on sparing healthy tissue while precisely treating pathology.

Exhibition:  54

ENDOVISION researches, develops, and manufactures advanced medical technologies, by participating with current doctors and medical device experts in Korea with the goal of localization of medical devices.

  • ENDOVISION SPINE – holds intellectual property rights to the UBE(Unilateral Bi-portal Endoscopy) and surgical tools, creating the safest and most sophisticated products.
  • ENDOVISION BIO – HR-Chitosan, a technology of ENDOVISION, is effective in all aspects: Absorption, hemostatic, moisturizing, anti-microbial, deodorization.
  • ENDOVISION CONSUMABLE – excellent in safety and efficiency and aims to maximize user convenience through ease of operation.
  • ENDOVISION R&D – we are not satisfied with today's products, studying and developing innovative products with amazing ideas and technology such as conization cap, etc.

Exhibition:  65

FzioMed develops and commercializes absorbable surgical biomaterials based on its patented polymer science, for use in many surgical applications including spine, orthopedics, tendon, peripheral nerve, gynecology and general surgery.

  • Oxiplex® spine gel helps reduce adhesion formation and related symptoms such as pain. CE marked and approved in over 70 countries.
  • Dynavisc® adhesion barrier gel for tendon and peripheral nerve surgeries is CE marked and available in Europe, Australia and selected countries in the Middle East and Asia.
  • Oxiplex/AP®, an effective adhesion barrier for peritoneal surgery and intrauterine applications, helps reduce the incidence, extent, and severity of postoperative adhesions. CE marked and available in Europe, Australia and selected countries in the Middle East and Asia. Approval for Intrauterine application may be pending in some countries.
  • Oxiplex/IU® is a CE marked, unique formulation of the company’s proprietary biomaterial. It is a flowable gel that is intended to serve as a temporary, absorbable mechanical barrier separating surgically traumatized opposing tissue surfaces in the uterine cavity where adhesions could potentially form.

Exhibition:  37

Gauthier Biomedical, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer of high-quality orthopedic instruments, offering contract manufacturing services as well as our own proprietary line of instruments - including customized branded instrument sets for medical device OEMs. We specialize in helping our partners build their brand through instrumentation excellence. Come see us today!

Exhibition:  63

Global Spine Journal is the official scientific publication of AOSpine. Global Spine Journal (GSJ) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal which focuses on the study and treatment of spinal disorders, including diagnosis, operative and non-operative treatment options, surgical techniques, and emerging research and clinical developments.

Globus Medical, Inc. is a leading musculoskeletal solutions company and is driving significant technological advancements across a complete suite of products ranging from spinal and trauma therapies to regenerative solutions, to robotics, navigation and imaging. Founded in 2003, Globus’ single-minded focus on advancing spinal surgery has made it the fastest growing company in the history of orthopedics. Globus is driven to utilize superior engineering and technology to achieve pain free, active lives for all patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

Exhibition:  15 & 19

Allen Medical Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc., (NYSE: HRC), a leading worldwide manufacturer and provider of medical technologies and related services for the health care industry. As an industry leader in patient positioning, our passion is improving patient outcomes and caregiver safety, while enhancing our customers' efficiency. Our inspiration comes from providing innovative solutions to address our customers' most pressing needs. We immerse ourselves in our customers' world, to better address these needs and the daily challenges of their environment. Whether developing a solution to address patient positioning challenges, or creating a system to offer safe and effective surgical site access for the surgical team, we are committed to providing products of exceptional value and quality.

Exhibition:  78-81

icotec, a Swiss company, designs and manufactures non-metallic spinal implants made from carbon fibre reinforced PEEK (Carbon/PEEK). Carbon/PEEK breaks barriers in radiotherapy: it enables artifact-free CT/MRI images for accurate delineation of critical structures and accelerated dose planning. During radiotherapy, Carbon PEEK is radiolucent, enables homogenous doses and avoids shielding and scattering.

Radiation therapy during tumor treatment is no longer limited by metallic implants.

Exhibition:  69

Innovasis is a groundbreaking company engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of spinal implant devices and related products. Innovasis offers a spinal product line with implants and instruments that address the major pathologies and focus areas of traditional spinal surgery.

Exhibition:  28

Invibio Biomaterial Solutions continues to revolutionize spinal device design by offering the implantable polymer, PEEK-OPTIMA™ HA Enhanced, integrated, not-coated, with hydroxyapatite (HA), an innovative choice for medical applications where early bone ongrowth is required. With over 15 years of clinical history and ~9M PEEK-OPTIMA™ devices implanted worldwide, Invibio is driven by clinical need and our customers’ desire to continually improve patient outcomes.

Exhibition:  33

Established in 1999, Jayon Implants represents the next-generation orthopedic and spinal implant manufacturing company, delivering innovative technologies in the field of orthopedic and spine surgery. Jayon Implants is well-positioned to become a leader in the rapidly evolving medical implant field. We are committed and dedicated to a continuous research and development process, to build and maintain a robust product pipeline. We aim to help people lead a more active, productive and pain-free life by restoring mobility through highly differentiated surgical products.

Jayon’s mission is to develop and provide quality products that feature clinically-proven geometries, combined with state of the art manufacturing and material technologies and deems that all the patients should have access to implants to suite their anatomy and economic needs.

Exhibition:  26

JPH Medical

JAYPEE is a publisher that produces and distributes scientific material in all disciplines of health sciences. Our products include books, journals, DVD, continuous medical education literature, video atlases and E-books. We cater to the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, general practitioners and specialists, medical institutions and hospitals. We have so far published over 3000 titles in various disciplines. Our many titles have been translated in languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Serbian, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic, Swedish, Romanian, Greek, etc.

Exhibition:  113

JULLSURG are the Manufacturer of Neuro & Spine surgical instruments.

Established in 1948, we have a long-standing global reputation for quality, excellence and outstanding service. Our instruments are well known for their high quality, durability and performance.

Moreover, we manufacture instruments of the customer design and shape also.

JULLSURG instruments can be purchased online.

Exhibition:  84

K2M Group Holdings, Inc. is a global leader of complex spine and minimally invasive solutions focused on achieving three-dimensional Total Body Balance™. Since its inception, K2M has designed, developed and commercialized innovative complex spine and minimally invasive spine technologies and techniques used by spine surgeons to treat some of the most complicated spinal pathologies. K2M has leveraged these core competencies into Balance ACS™, a platform of products, services, and research to help surgeons achieve three-dimensional spinal balance across the axial, coronal and sagittal planes, with the goal of supporting the full continuum of care to facilitate quality patient outcomes. The Balance ACS platform, in combination with the Company’s technologies, techniques and leadership in the 3D-printing of spinal devices, enable K2M to compete favorably in the global spinal surgery market.

Exhibition:  45 & 47

Life Instruments is dedicated to serving surgeons with the highest quality surgical instruments. Handcrafted from the finest materials, Life Instruments are longer and lighter to provide maximum comfort, with ergonomic handles for better control. Surgeons have remarked on the sharpness of our elevators, osteotomes and curettes, a necessity in saving valuable operating room time. Perfectly balanced for excellent feel and ease of use, Life Instruments are an extension of the surgeon’s hands. We customize and modify instruments to fit individual needs in addition to providing ongoing development of new products with surgeons and healthcare professionals.

Exhibition:  32

Misonix is a recognized leader in developing ultrasonic surgical devices for hard and soft tissue removal. The BoneScalpel is a unique tissue-selective ultrasonic osteotome allowing for en-bloc bone removal and refined osteotomies while sparing soft tissue structures. Many surgeons have noted the BoneScalpel as one of the greatest advancements in spine surgery.

Exhibition:  87

The North American Spine Society (NASS) is a global multidisciplinary medical society that utilizes education, research and advocacy to foster the highest quality, ethical, value and evidence-based spine care for patients. Representing over 8,000 members from multiple specialties, NASS is your link to health care professionals invested in advancing spine care. 2019 is the last year that New applicants may apply for a FREE 2019 MEMBERSHIP at the link below.

Exhibition:  116

NeuroLogica, the healthcare subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, develops and manufactures innovative imaging technologies and is committed to delivering fast, easy, and accurate diagnostic solutions to healthcare providers. We are the global headquarters and manufacturer of computed tomography (CT). Our advanced medical technologies are used worldwide in leading healthcare institutions, helping providers enhance patient care, improve patient satisfaction and increase workflow efficiency.

Exhibition:  21 & 23

Ondine Biomedical is a Vancouver based company dedicated to the development of non-antibiotic, anti-infective therapies for a broad-spectrum of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Ondine’s antimicrobial program utilizes a platform technology called Photodisinfection, a light-activated approach developed to provide rapid antimicrobial efficacy and reduced risk of antibiotic resistance. With treatment time requiring only minutes, Photodisinfection-based nasal decolonization can be deployed just prior to surgery, without relying on patient compliance.

Exhibition:  106

Orthofix is a global medical device company focused on musculoskeletal healing products and value-added services. The Company’s mission is to improve patients’ lives by providing superior reconstruction and regenerative musculoskeletal solutions to physicians worldwide. Headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, the Company has two strategic business units: Orthofix Spine and Orthofix Extremities. The Orthofix Spine portfolio consists of Spinal Implants, Biologics, and Bone Growth Therapies.

In April of 2018 Orthofix acquired Spinal Kinetics, the developer of the M6™ artificial disc. The M6-C artificial cervical disc is a next-generation artificial disc developed to replace an intervertebral disc damaged by cervical disc degenerative. Designed to restore physiologic motion to the spine, the M6-C disc is indicated as an alternative to cervical fusion. It preserves motion by restoring biomechanical function at the treated level after native disc removal, and potentially reduces subsequent degeneration of adjacent vertebral segments. The M6-C implant is the only artificial disc that mimics the anatomic structure of a natural disc by incorporating an artificial visco-elastic nucleus and fiber annulus into its design.

Exhibition:  71

OSSimTech is a Canadian MedTech startup whose mission is to provide residents, educators, and institutions with innovative tools and technology to reduce medical errors, increase patient safety, accelerate and track the learning process through a significant quantity of surgical procedures. Our team is working diligently, using real life haptic feedback and VR, to create profound and lasting new immersive environment for surgical training.


PeekMed® is a software-based medical device that provides orthopedic surgeons with tools to assist them in the surgical planning step, making surgery more predictable, effective, and safe for the patient. All in 3D! With PeekMed®, the surgeon is able to understand the patient's problem and simulate different approaches/outcomes. The product is FDA cleared, CE marked and ISO 13485:2016 approved. We are here to help surgeons, because we believe in Less Surprises, Less Trouble.


PMT Corporation is the premier supplier of custom neck and back bracing products. The PMT Halo System has been developed to provide doctors and orthotists with safe and easy application procedures as well as quality MR and CT imaging capabilities. Extra-large to pediatric vest sizes are available to fit virtually any body type. The ILSO/ITLSO consist of semi-rigid anterior shell made of polyethylene, a rigid posterior shell made from copolymer and a unique positional airbag. PMT can ship custom product within 24-48 hours of receipt of measurements. The wide variety of styles allow doctors a choice of key features to accommodate diagnostic requirements. Our nationwide direct sales force is available 24 hours a day to assist you in meeting your specific patient's needs.

Exhibition:  55

Shanghai Sanyou Medical Co., Ltd is an orthopedic company leading in therapy innovation and R&D. Founded in 2010, the company focused on innovation, process management and customer-orientation. In October 2011, the company established a world-class R&D Labs named Tytus Labs with an international prestige R&D team, advanced R&D equipment and professional product development and project management system. Growing steadily and rapidly, Shanghai Sanyou Medical has become a national top orthopedic company with dedicated and specialized talent, advanced and reliable product, shared service and information logistics system, value-oriented culture and customer-centered approach.

Shanghai Sanyou Medical has hundreds of spinal and trauma product line with thousands of specifications. The sales channel extends and covers the whole nation.

Exhibition:  35

SeaSpine is a global medical technology company focused on the design, development and commercialization of surgical solutions for the treatment of patients suffering from spinal disorders. SeaSpine has a comprehensive portfolio of orthobiologics and spinal instrumentation solutions to meet the varying combinations of products that neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons need to perform fusion procedures on the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. SeaSpine’s orthobiologics products consist of a broad range of advanced and traditional bone graft substitutes that are designed to improve bone fusion rates following a wide range of orthopedic surgeries, including spine, hip, and extremities procedures. SeaSpine’s spinal fusion hardware portfolio consists of an extensive line of products to facilitate spinal fusion in minimally invasive surgery (MIS), complex spine, deformity and degenerative procedures. SeaSpine currently markets its products through a network of independent sales agents in the United States and through stocking distributors in over 30 countries worldwide.

Exhibition:  104

SI-BONE, Inc. is a leading medical device company that has developed the iFuse Implant System®, a proprietary minimally invasive surgical implant system to fuse the sacroiliac joint. The iFuse Implant, available since 2009, is the only device for treatment of SI joint dysfunction supported by significant published clinical evidence, including level 1 trials, showing safety, effectiveness and durability, including lasting pain relief.

Exhibition:  25

Founded in 2011, SMTP Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise oriented on the innovative RD, manufacture of ultrasonic therapeutic equipments. The company undertook the Key Projects in the National Science& Technology Pillar Program, and served as the drafter of Industry Compulsory Standard on Ultrasonic Surgical Devices for Bone Tissues.

The star product - “XD Series” Ultrasonic Osteotomy Surgery Instrument - is the top brand within the application field, is rated as the world’s safest ultrasonic osteotome. It is the only ultrasonic osteotome product for both Open Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery(MIS) across the world, covering all osteotomy procedures of all spine sections.

The company enjoys vast customer base-hundreds of Top A-Level Hospitals around China, with 30,000+ clinical cases per year. SMTP closely works with QIMING VENTURE PARTNERS and set up strategic cooperative relationship with Shanghai Sanyou Medical Co., Ltd to provide all spine solutions. SAFETY TOGETHER, SMTP guarantees the safety operation of one last millimeter.

Established in 1989, Sometech has concentrated on developing advanced products based on convergence integration technology such as software, optics, medicine, and electronics with multiple application experience in medical and industrial business. With the passion we've had for creating world class products since our foundation, we have concentrated on localization of cutting edge medical equipment by focusing on research and development in medical imaging equipment and surgical devices. We have supplied such high-tech products such as cosmetic diagnostic, and industrial video microscopes with high technology to the medical business industry.

Sometech has developed this 3D imaging system since 2006. We also launched 3D Laparoscope in 2012, the first in Korea and the third in the world, with technical project assistance from the Ministry of Commerce. Sometech's 3D Laparoscope has been earned a considerable reputation for creating a new paradigm of surgical equipment for the world.

In May 2015, Sometech launched the world's first 3D heads up eyepiece-free microscope, presenting a new paradigm for the world medical market.

Exhibition:  73

Southern Spine is an ISO 13405:2003 certified manufacturer of implants and instruments for spinal surgery, and features the new StabiLink® MIS Interlaminar Spinal Fixation System along with the innovative, patented PG® Precision Guided Inserter/Compressor, that redefines “ease of use”. StabiLink is the new standard in minimally invasive spinal fusion, and can be used to treat a number of spinal conditions with much less tissue trauma, providing the “missing link” between surgical decompression and more invasive pedicle screw fusion procedures.


Spinal Balance develops state-of-the-art medical devices for spine surgery that provide the safest and most economical solutions for users and patients. The Libra® pedicle screw system with NT2 Inside® is the only system of its kind to protect implants from intraoperative contamination inside the “sterile” field.

Exhibition:  34


Spinal News International is a leading newspaper for spine specialists, reaching over 13,500+ physicians globally. An editorially independent publication, the newspaper is a trusted provider of latest news, review of cutting-edge research, congress coverage, and opinion from thought leaders in the spinal world. From advancements in surgical technique, to new and disruptive technologies and the latest industry, product, and clinical updates, Spinal News International covers all areas of the spinal space. Printed quarterly, it is also available as a bi-monthly e-bulletin.

Exhibition:  11


SpineMED® is the world leader in non-surgical Spinal Decompression with a demonstrated 93% success rate in the natural healing and resolution of lumbar disc herniation. The patented design is the latest evolution and is the most efficient decompression technology available. SpineMED®’s patented pelvic restraint system and pelvic tilt control allows patients to achieve targeted distraction with 50% to 70% lower force than other devices, which eliminate the side effects common on other devices.

Exhibition:  24


Stimwave Technologies Incorporated is a privately held medical device company engaged in the development, manufacture, and commercialization of wirelessly powered, injectable, microtechnology neurostimulators, providing patients with a convenient, safe, minimally invasive, and highly cost-effective pain management solution that is easily incorporated into their daily lives. Stimwave’s goal is to evolve its patented, cutting-edge platform into the default for neuromodulation, increasing the accessibility for patients worldwide while lowering the economic impact of pain management

Exhibition:  53

Together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better. By continuously investing in research and technology, we provide the most advanced medical technology for interventional spine procedures. From workplace awards, community service involvement and retaining the very best employees, we have a reputation worth honoring. Our more than 100 expert sales representatives are rigorously trained to support your practice, offer product and procedural consultation and be an active partner in helping you achieve goals.

Exhibition:  13 & 14

Terumo BCT is a global leader in blood component, therapeutic apheresis, cellular and autologous biologic technologies. We believe in the potential of cells to do even more for patients than they do today. This belief inspires us to share our expertise in cell separation and collaborate with customers to advance the practice of autologous biologic technologies together.

Exhibition:  30 & 31

Tsunami Medical is a Start Up Company developed around the idea of providing the market with improved Interbody Fusion Cages and Innovative Spinal Implants produced with Additive technology with 3D printing Laser Machines. Designing our Implants we take in consideration design rationale, Simple product management, better features and increased benefits to the patient. Complete products availability for any Surgical Approach to the Cervical and Lumbar Spine Pathologies requiring Interbody Fusion.


ulrich medical develops, produces and distributes innovative medical technology "Made in Germany". Physicians and users worldwide trust in our more than 100 years of experience. The focus of our product portfolio is on spinal implants and contrast media injectors for CT and MRI. As an owner-run company, we operate independently and are proud of our continuous, healthy growth. We constantly invest in product development and production at our headquarters in Ulm.

Exhibition:  83

The University of Toronto Spine Program (local Host)

The University of Toronto Spine Program provides an outstanding framework for citywide collaboration in spine clinical training, research, fellowship and resident education, advocacy, and strategic planning. The Program offers a robust academic program including a series of visiting professorship, annual academic spine Day “SpineFEST”, quarterly citywide Spine Rounds and Journal Clubs.

In response to an external review in 2007 supported by the U of T Department of Surgery, the Program was established and integrated within the Divisions of Neurosurgery and Division of Orthopaedics Surgery in 2009 to evolve as an internationally recognized entity poised to enhance clinical care, research, and education. Since its inception, the program has focused on collaboration, innovation, education, and research. The Program exhibits an important academic platform incorporating spinal surgery units and research programs across the Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network “TAHSN”, particularly in the main hospitals: Toronto Western Hospital; Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre; Saint Michael’s Hospital; and the Hospital for Sick Children.

Globally, in addition to our strong affiliation with our national spine societies and health networks including the Canadian Spine Society, the program has also been building a robust relationships with international spine research societies such as the AO Spine, Cervical Spine Research Society, Scoliosis Research Society, and International Neurotrauma Society.

Under the leadership of Dr Michael Fehlings, professor of Neurosurgery, and Dr Albert Yee, Professor of Orthpaedic Surgery, Co-Directors, the Program brings together a broad interdisciplinary array of clinicians, researchers, and educators focused on disorders of the spine and spinal cord. Our Program’s unique cohort draws 30 multidisciplinary membership, spanning the continuum from bench to bedside and community, overarching neurosurgery, orthpaedic surgery, paediatric surgery, oncology, radiology, physical and occupational therapy, biomaterial and biomedical engineering, laboratory medicine and pathobiology, physiatry, and pain management.

In teaching and education, the program continues to focus on training and educating spine fellows and residents. We have trained over 100 worldwide spine fellows. The program provides surgical skills courses chaired by Dr Stephen Lewis and Dr Eric Massicotte targeting both surgeons in-training and surgeons in-practice. A Mock Oral on Spine course co-chaired by Drs Fehlings and Yee aims to prep our graduating residents for their Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons examinations. The program offers quarterly visiting professorship and annual SpineFEST to provide educational and professional networking opportunities to exchange international perspectives on research and operative and non-operative treatment of spine disorder. This year, SpineFEST is featuring scoliosis to highlight surgical treatments and optimal patient care. SpineFEST continues to present ongoing citywide clinical and preclinical research projects and look into clinical trial and emerging outcome measures.

In clinical care and research, the program continues to foster collaborative efforts in facilitating multi-centre clinical trials and data sharing agreements.. Among of which is the Riluzole in Spinal Cord Injury Study “RISCIS” led by Dr Fehlings and principally sponsored by AO Spine North America.

In patient care advocacy and global efforts, the Program has made an impact on several levels. Drs Fehlings and Rampersaud have been successful in provincial initiatives to enhance access to care and service delivery for patients with acute and chronic spine conditions. Drs Fehlings and Yee has been actively working with AO Spine NA to broadly disseminate knowledge gained from our national competency - based fellowship training curricula. The Program, jointly with the AO Spine, spearheaded the development and establishment of the Guidelines for Acute Spinal Cord Injury and Guideline of Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy. Dr Fehlings’ efforts in bringing in multiple international congresses to Toronto have contributed to leveraging our program’s global advocacy and outreach efforts.

The UofT Spine Program has evolved over many years to become an international dominant spine care force. Shortly after his visit to Toronto, Professor Daniel Riew, AO Spine Research Commission Chair and former Congress Chairperson, described the University of Toronto Spine Program as “the premier research and educational program for spine in the world”.

Finally, we welcome the Global Spine Congress to Toronto and we look forward to hosting such a successful and joyful event!

Exhibition:  110

Zero Gravity is a wholesale company for LED medical devices approved by the FDA.

Exhibition:  36

Ziehm Imaging was founded in Nuremberg in 1972 and is specialized in the development, production and global marketing of mobile X-ray-based imaging solutions (C-arms).
In 2006, Ziehm Imaging launched the first fully digital, mobile C-arm in the world, with a flat-panel detector that provides distortion-free, high-contrast and highly dynamic images with four times more shades of gray compared to analogue image intensifiers. Today, more than 10 years later, Ziehm Imaging has enhanced the proven flat-panel with CMOS, the latest detector technology for excellent image quality. Further, Advanced Active Cooling technology ensures significantly longer fluoroscopy time with higher image quality during lengthy surgery and prevents overheating of the generator. The open interface Ziehm NaviPort allows a flexible integration of navigation systems by various manufacturers and enables the user to be up to date at any time.

Exhibition:  48 & 49


Zimmer Biomet is a global leader in spine innovation, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for patients worldwide by delivering comprehensive cervical, thoracolumbar, and biologics solutions, along with training and clinical support for surgeons. The cervical portfolio features the Mobi-C® Cervical Disc for motion preservation, as well as innovative stand-alone fusion solutions (Optio-C® and ROI-C®), anterior plating systems (MaxAn®, InViZia®, and Trinica® Select), interbody spacers (Puros®, TM-S, Trinnect™, and Vista®-S) and screw systems for posterior fixation (Lineum® OCT and Virage® OCT). The thoracolumbar offering includes best-in-class interbody cages (ProLift® Expandable, Timberline®, Timberline MPF, Zyston® Strut, Zyston Straight/Curved, ROI-A®, Durango®, TM Ardis, Breckenridge®, and Avenue® L), the Trinica® Anterior Lumbar Plate, and comprehensive spinal fixation systems (Cypher™, Vitality®, Vital™, Polaris™ 5.5 & 4.75, Pathfinder NXT®, Universal Clamp®, TriCor™). In addition to spinal hardware and biologics (Cellentra® and PrimaGen Advanced™), the company offers navigation technologies and robotics including theROSA ONE® Spine Application and the WalterLorenz™ Surgical Assist Arm.

Exhibition:  27 & 29